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Welcome to King Leonidas

We are working to be the biggest, best, one stop shop for your King Leonidas gear.

We have a large assortment Laser Engraved products in stock, from custom engraved dog tags, wooden pens, AR15/AR10 firearm parts and Glock®  parts and components.
We appreciate your business. Thank you for shopping at King Leonidas.

King Leonidas History

The movie “The 300” was  based on King Leonidas

Laser Engraved Pens

We offer a variety of laser engraved Tactical and Wooden pens.


Dog Tags/ Key Chains

Laser engraved metal Dog Tags/Key Chains.

Dog Tags

Vinyl Decal Stickers

Check out our assortment of Vinyl Decals for Bumpers,
Windows and Ammo Cans.

Apparel Clothing and Embroidered Headwear

Large selection of Molon Labe clothing apparel including embroidered hats and beanies


AR15/AR10 Firearm Parts and Accessories
AR parts and accessories, including custom engraved
port covers and trigger guards, upper & lower parts.

Vertical Molon Labe and Sword Molon Labe Hats Decals Decals Glock Parts AR Parts Glock Parts Tactical Pens

Laser Engraved Parts for Glock® Pistols

The Sure Plug Backstrap Channel Plug for Glock Pistols. Custom Engraved Slide Rear Cover Plates and Magazine Base Plates.

Molon Labe Engraving™
Firearms Accessories and Clothing Apparel

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Firearms Accessories and Clothing Apparel
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Ruger Parts

Laser Engraved Parts for Ruger 10/22 Rifle
Extended Magazine Releases for the Ruger 10/22 Rifles